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CL 1540

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The CL 1540 is a multi-purpose ceiling inlet. The materials of this inlet are made of recyclable, chock-proof, non-deformable and UV-stabilized plastic. Rustproof steel springs keep the insulated inlet flap closed.

The inlet flap opens in a downward motion, helping create a forward-moving airflow in the direction the flap is facing. The air always flows along the ceiling, whether the inlet is opened fully or only slightly. This is done to avoid draughts in the animal area. The corresponding control set opens the ceiling inlets either at once or individually.

If a ceiling has a thickness of more that 4.3 inches, and/or to enhance the performance of the ceiling inlets, an optional intake funnel is available. The 1540, specifically, can be used for fresh air supply from the attic or for combi-diffuse ventilation.

Important Advantages

  • Very versatile and guarantee high velocity ventilation
  • Inlets can be opened individually, creating stable air jets, even with minimum ventilation
  • Insulated inlet flap seals the house airtight
  • Pulling mechanism allows exact control of the inlet opening
  • Exact control allows stable circulation, maintains an even temperature and creates low heating requirements
  • Made of high quality materials for a long service life
  • High pressure cleaners can be used without concern