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DiffAir Ceiling

As your Big Dutchman distributor we can offer you a complete solution for raising your herd from farrow to finish.


DiffAir ceilings consist of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) trapezoidal or aluminum sheets. Aluminum sheets have the advantage of being incombustible. DiffAir ceilings are installed at a height of 94.5 to 118 inches. They serve both as a diffuse air supply system and economical ceiling insulation, consisting of specially treated glass wool. Two layers of the glass wool are provided, permeable to airflow. An additional layer of fleece between the glass wool and the DiffAir plate acts as a water repellent. Fresh air enters uniformly along the entire ceiling for an even distribution while ensuring the maximum permitted air speed in the animal area.



DiffAir plate made of aluminum


Structure of a DiffAir ceiling

DiffAir with CL600

DiffAir ceiling in combination with the CL 600 exhaust air chimney