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Manure Drying Tunnel

Salmet is a leader in poultry equipment since 1962. Their equipment for layers is renowned throughout the world for its high quality, performance and longevity. Ruby360 has been working with and representing Salmet in Canada since 1992, and we (Ruby360 and Gestion MJE) are committed as their dealer to serve you.


The Salmet manure drying tunnel ensures a reduction of the moisture content of the manure to 10-15%. The manure that comes from the cages is carried in a zigzag motion from the upper tiers to the bottom tiers. During this process 'warm' air from the sheds or air from natural environment is blown directly onto the manure. The combination of solid and perforated belts guarantees a fast and cost effective drying of the manure. The final product can either be used as a natural fertilizer or be further processed into pellets.

Another positive aspect of this quick drying method is, that the proteins are not transformed into ammonia and therefore the ammonia gas expulsion is decreased to more than 90%. With this innovative and odorless processing system Salmet contributes to sustainable environmental protection and provides a final product which is manageable and easy to store.


  • Proven performance
  • Designed to meet changing regulations